AboutWhat Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

John  Protopappas, President & CEO, Madison Park Financial
When I started this company, I bought a fourplex here in East Oakland. And I bought the building for $90,000.  Today we own almost 600 million dollars’ worth of real estate.  Summit Bank has been a key part of our success from the time we started because they understand us.  They understand our needs. They are a community bank that believes strongly in this community.  And so much about community banks is to provide finance and capital for local institutions to grow and develop.  That is why Summit Bank has been so instrumental in our success.  One of the great benefits of being a customer at Summit Bank is the personalized service. People who know you by your name–by your first name.

Terrence McGrath, CEO & President, McGrath Properties
What I found with summit bank is a very special relationship that has been with us now for probably close to 20 years. Shirley Nelson in a lot of ways was incredibly instrumental in my business life because both Bank of America and Wells Fargo essentially dropped me in the beginning of the last recession in ‘07 and ‘08 and Shirley stepped in at a very tenuous time, when I needed leverage.  And in fact, on one particular asset she loaned me the money personally to buy out a note from Wells Fargo. So, Summit Bank is an extension of our family here.

Ana Chretien President & CEO, ABC Security Service
With Summit Bank I call anytime.  It doesn’t matter what time it is.  And I say, “This is ABC” or “This is Ana” and they say, “How can I help you? “ “What can I do for you? “ THAT is relationship.  I am part of the family. I am part of Summit Bank, not just a number.  And I think that is very unique for any bank.

Todd Whyte, CFO, West Builders
We had been with a larger bank before and what we were looking for in a community bank was actually a feeling of community.  I think with Summit is one of the main things we get is that we get a personal relationship. They want to grow their business by having their customers grow their business.  We have a personal contact that we work with for anything whether it is a line of credit, or if there are issues on our account, ordering checks… I call the same person.  With a big bank it seems like a lot of it is all internet and phone tree.  They don’t know their customers.  They could pass them on the street and they wouldn’t know them.  That doesn’t happen with Summit Bank.  I can walk down the street and run into Steve Nelson and he’s going to know who I am.

Bill Wheeler, President & CEO, Black Tie Transportation
We use Summit for all of our banking needs.  We use them for deposits, credit card processing, we use them for our payroll processing, we use them for our line of credit… And it’s the expertise of Summit that really allows us to be Black Tie and be able to grow our company and meet the needs of our clients. Even when it is just a casual encounter at the front desk, they say “Hello Mr. wheeler how are you today? Nice to see you. How is your business doing? How is your wife and family?” And they care.  It’s a real intimate relationship. Something we just don’t see in any banking relationship. Banks have kind of left the customers behind. And really I talk to people all the time—business associates and people who do business with big banks and really they are just a number and even if they have huge assets in that bank, and they do a lot of deals, they are still just a number.  At Summit Bank, they count.

Patricia Bennett, PhD, President & CEO, Resource Development Associates We were banking with a different bank and we started growing.  And pretty soon we realized that because we were growing we needed a larger line of credit. And we went to our old bank and we said “We are growing. Look at our bottom line and everything.“  They said, “You’ve got to fill out all this paper and you’ve got to be interviewed by all these people you have never met before.” And it felt pretty cold.  And it didn’t seem promising. And then one day a friend of mine said “Well, you know, you should go talk to Summit Bank!”  So I did! There was kind of a personalization. People who actually talked to you. Got to know you.  Who were interested in what you did. And they approved a doubling of our line of credit. And we’ve had to go back to them several times because when we first started there were 7 or 9 employees and now we’re up to about 40 or 42. So they have been pretty marvelous in helping us grow!

David Shahvar, President, ButtercuP Diner and Bar
We’ve been with Summit Bank for 15 years.  Summit Bank has been always there for us and the greatest thing about this relationship is that I know that if tomorrow I find something that I want to explore—an opportunity—I know that Summit Bank is going to come through for me and that’s a great feeling.

Lani Dy, Founder Dy Associates
Summit Bank is taking care of all my financial needs.  In the last 5 years I’ve been with Summit Bank it’s amazing how I grew and I feel that without a great relationship with a great bank I would not be able to achieve my dream.