AboutOur Service Standards

The Summit Bank Commitment


  1. We always demonstrate a “Can Do” attitude.
  2. We always are respectful and considerate – smile, say “Please”, “Thank You” & greet clients/potential clients by name.
  3. We always strive to earn the confidence of our clients and shareholders by conducting our business in a highly professional manner.
  4. We always offer solutions/answers to our clients or, if outside ones area of expertise, find the right person who can help our client in a timely manner.
  5. We always return phone calls & emails the same day, or no later than 24 hours; & provide timely updates until our client’s requests/issues are completed/resolved.
  6. We always handle clients as if our life depends on it – it does. Because without clients, we have no job.
  7. We always get things done for our clients even if we have to come in early or stay late on occasion.
  8. We always treat our co-workers with the same respect we treat our clients by fostering an environment that encourages our team members to develop their talent to enhance the quality of their lives.
  9. We always strive to gain greater efficiencies and productivity – always striving to build the ‘better mousetrap’.
  10. We always are leaders in the development of the communities we are fortunate to serve.