Move On Over To A Local Community Bank

We all need to know and trust the people we have chosen to partner with in business. How do we do that? Learn about their values and their actions. Do they share the same values? Do they have me as the client in mind as a primary concern?

It sounds like a 'lot of homework', however by simply meeting with your local community bank president you can walk away with enough information to make an informed choice of business banking partner.

As we are all learning, organizations differ and it comes down to leadership and core values.

At Summit Bank, a local Bay Area community bank, we are committed to serving our clients and our local communities with the highest standards. We seek to change the way you look at what 'your bank' can really do for you.

Our clients know that by banking at Summit Bank, 100% of their deposits are put back into our community to support our local economy, jobs, businesses and nonprofits, which has a huge and positive multiplier effect on our local community. Our clients are happy to be part of adding millions of dollars into our local economy by simply moving their money to a locally-owned community bank like Summit Bank.

We support our business clients by better understanding their needs and customizing financial solutions to best fit their unique situation to help them thrive. If small businesses thrive then they can better support their families and those of its team members. And when companies prosper, advancement opportunities abound for employees thus helping sustain our local economy.

As local residents, we better understand the local marketplace which is very important when helping our small business clients in the Bay Area. Our clients have direct access to decision makers and all decisions are made locally. In fact, you can reach me directly as I actually answer my own phone, which we hear is very refreshing in these times.

At Summit Bank, we also support our customers by buying their products and using their services whenever possible and promoting them in our local community in a way that only a community bank can.

As we continue to succeed, we take serving our community very seriously and are committed to making other meaningful differences. Through the Summit Bank Foundation, we are proud to have pledged more than $150,000 in donations in 2016 to UCSF Cancer Research and college scholarships for many of our community's deserving and hard working students.

Last year, I had the great opportunity to join the team here at Summit Bank, which I have admired for many years due to their high quality reputation and client satisfaction. Shirley Nelson, one of the first women to have founded a California based community bank, has

imbued strong core values and a practice of high quality banking for more than 35 years to support our Bay Area community.

Please join us by moving your money over to Summit Bank, a local Bay Area community bank.

Thank you!

Thomas Duryea


Summit Bank, Oakland, CA