Our Featured Client

Medi-Bill, Inc.

Skip Cressman, President, Mary Cressman, Vice President/Secretary

MEDI-Bill, INC. DEPENDS ON SUMMIT BANK to safeguard the millions of dollars we have on deposit that belong to our clients. These clients have entrusted us to provide a lifetime of future medical need expenses for thousands of individuals who have suffered on the job injuries or have settled personal injury claims. For over 20 years, the officers and employees of Summit Bank have been the most responsive service oriented bankers we have ever worked with and they understand the tremendous fiduciary responsibility we have to our clients. Summit Bank does a fantastic job and has never let us down. We consider Summit Bank an important partner in our continued growth and success.

Medi-Bill, Inc. is a Walnut Creek based company providing professional administration to Medicare Set Asides and US Government Lifetime Reversionary Trusts nationwide.