Green Services

Everything important to you in the world has at least one thing in common—it's all in this world.

We only have one planet to live on. So it's important that we take good care of it. At Summit Bank, we recognize this, and have created a wide range of "green" services to help reduce our environmental impact. Take advantage of these convenient options and help save the earth for future generations. As an added bonus, they actually make managing your money even easier!

Online Banking

Manage your accounts from any online computer, anytime!

  • Fewer trips to the bank means less gas burned, conserving fossil fuels
  • Less driving also means reduced air pollution
  • No need to print out information, saving trees
  • Electronic check images instead of printed copies saves paper
  • 24-hour online access to your accounts

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Bill Payment Services

Make payments to anyone in the U.S. directly from your Summit Bank checking account.

  • Electronic service cuts down on unnecessary paper use
  • No need to waste checks, envelopes, or stamps
  • Can eliminate paper bill statements, reducing amount of paper mailed
  • Pay bills in just minutes

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Instead of receiving mailed account statements each month, get online access to your information.

  • Reduced amount of paper mailed out each month
  • No need to print account information, which saves paper
  • Accessible online anytime

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Remote Deposit Capture

Businesses can deposit checks electronically from their ofice by just scanning in checks.

  • Fewer trips to the bank saves gas and cuts down on pollution
  • Electronic deposit means no paper deposit slips or forms
  • Online tracking means no need for paper statements

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